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Welcome to Gateway Car Connection!

At Gateway Car Connection, we’re more than just a team; we’re a family dedicated to providing you with the best experience possible when selling your car. Our experts are here to guide you every step of the way, from evaluating your vehicle to ensuring you get the best offer. Get to know the friendly faces that make our service outstanding.


  • Anthony Clavenna owns Gateway Car Connection, fueled by his passion for cars and trucks. He is dedicated to continuous 1% improvements in all areas of life, creating a perfect recipe for professional, family, and health commitments seamlessly.

    About Anthony
  • Amy Clavenna

    Amy Clavenna – CFO

    Amy Clavenna has been with Gateway Car Connection for 5 years, handling titles, sales, finances, and HR. Her police dispatcher background helps her stay calm and multitask. She loves seeing the company grow and enjoys family time and traveling. Amy values personal and professional growth.

    About Amy

Car & Truck Buyers

  • Kyle Reynolds – Vehicle Acquisition Specialist

    Kyle has been with Gateway Car Connection for over 2 years. He brings passion and innovation to sourcing top-quality vehicles and enhancing customer experiences. Outside the office, he enjoys travel, outdoor adventures, and all things automotive.

    About Kyle
  • Curtis England – Buying Team Member

    Curtis has been with the company for three years. He handles vehicle purchases and played a key role in the company’s evolution of business models. Outside of work, Curtis enjoys self-improvement and uses his sports-honed people skills in his job. He aspires to lead his own team, driven by the company’s mission of continuous growth.

    About Curtis
  • Zac Rucker – Buying Team Member

    Zac specializes in truck acquisitions. With five years at the company and experience from Enterprise Fleet, he excels in vehicle management. Known for his fast-paced style, Zac enjoys river activities, jeeping, and trading old jeeps and boats, which enhance his professional skills. His dedication makes him a valuable asset to the team.

    About Zac
  • Tina Boercker – Buying Team Member

    Tina joined the team in August 2023. Transitioning from healthcare, she brings strong skills in research, management, and customer service. Tina is passionate about cars, aiming to secure quick deals for Gateway. Outside of work, Tina runs a short-term rental business with her husband. She loves networking, traveling, and exploring St. Louis’s restaurants. Her motto, “Win the day,” drives her success.

    About Tina
  • Dan Burke – Acquisition

    Dan excels in sourcing top-quality trucks from individual sellers. His dedication to buying and selling vehicles matches his passion for motorcycles and anything fast. Dan is committed to improving every day and aims to be the best in the business, making him a vital part of our team.

    About Dan
  • Jack Pollman – Buyer

    Jack Pollman, Buyer at Gateway Car Connection, brings over two years of experience in vehicle acquisition and sales. With a background in automotive retail, he’s expanded our niche market and is known for his attention to detail and problem-solving skills. Jack thrives in our team-oriented environment and enjoys four-wheeling, mountain biking, and photography outside of work. His passion and expertise make him a key asset to our team.

    About Jack

Office Staff

  • Chloe Clavenna – Director of Operations

    With six years of dedicated service, she expertly handles bank accounts, inventory, sales processing, and customer logistics. Known for her meticulous attention to detail and commitment to teamwork, Chloe is essential to our success. Outside of work, she enjoys family time, river adventures, and thrift store finds.

    About Chloe
  • Kaylin Rice – Transaction Coordinator

    Kaylin efficiently manages vehicle purchase transactions. With a background as a Police Dispatcher, she excels in organization and communication. Outside work, she enjoys family adventures, reading, painting, hiking, yoga, and traveling.

    About Kaylin
  • Grant Hall – Marketing Specialist

    Grant creates engaging content with his skills in photography, videography, and graphic design. With a background in live production for the St. Louis Cardinals and St. Louis CITY SC, he brings a wealth of experience and a drive for continuous improvement. Outside of work, Grant enjoys moutain biking, and going to the gym, embodying our company’s value of constant improvement

    About Grant